Logic and Philosophy

I was 14 when my father read me the beginning of Plato’s Republic. Over two decades later, I hold a PhD in medieval philosophy. I’ve led hundreds of tutorials for undergrad philosophy students, and I’m currently teaching logic and philosophy to middle-school and high-school students.

Sherlock Holmes and Watson discuss the Silver Blaze mystery in a train car

If you have an inquiring pre-teen or teenager who loves to reason and debate, you may be interested in my small, short-term reading groups in the Western philosophical tradition. Reading groups are designed not to conflict with schoolwork, and we read primary texts from thinkers like Plato and Descartes, debating them in an energetic, round-table format. For more information, please contact me directly or sign up for my newsletter on Logic, Latin, and Literature.

The pre-teen and teenage years are also a wonderful time to learn formal logic. Test out your logical knowledge with a few self-grading quizzes below!