Kill the Dragon

Angelus Silesius’s Cherubinic Wanderer is the quintessential hero’s journey, though not in the usual way. Angelus describes the soul as a hero who fights battles, wins kingdoms, and kills dragons.

The poems below are from my translation in progress. For updates on a forthcoming book featuring the dragon- and battle-fighting epigrams, subscribe to my newsletter.

The Man-God with Us
Kill it in yourself—
the dragon in his den,
and you’ll become in Christ
Immanuel again. (2:204)
A Lamb Conquers the Dragon
Trust God against the Dragon.
Who shall overcome it?
It isn’t hard to do—
a single lamb has done it. (4:114)
Three Enemies of Man
You have three enemies—
yourself, the world, the devil—
and of these three, the first
puts up the longest struggle. (3:233)
The Spiritual Overthrow of the Dragon
Drive out your many sins
with every able weapon.
That’s how Saint Michael casts
the dragon out of heaven. (3:124)