Rachel A. Lott

Logic, Latin, and Literature

The Sorcerers’ Stone is now out! This book is my first in a series of translations from the poetry of Angelus Silesius. Future books include themes on the soul as the wife of God, the hero’s journey, and the cosmic drama that unfolds when God becomes man. For updates on the books in progress, subscribe to my substack at Logic, Latin, and Literature.

Logic & Philosophy

My day job is running classes and reading groups for middle-school and high-school students. The classes are online, and any young adult who likes to argue is welcome!

The Sorcerers’ Stone

My passion is poetry, and I’m currently translating a few hundred epigrams from the 17th-century poet Angelus Silesius. He takes the Sorcerers’ Stone in unexpected directions.


The medievals were right. Childhood is the best time to learn Latin.

About Me.

I’m a teacher of math, logic, philosophy, and Latin. I’m also an editor, a translator, and a poet.