Rachel A. Lott

Logic, Latin, and Literature
2024-25 Courses

Illustration by John Tenniel. Alice stands between a lion and a unicorn holding a plate of cake

Course schedules are now published for my 2024-25 online classes.
Topics include logic, algebra, Latin, and academic writing.
All young adults are welcome!

Logic & Philosophy

My day job is running classes and discussion groups for middle-school and high-school students. If you have a young adult who likes to argue, we should talk!


The medieval schools were right. Childhood is the best time to learn Latin. I’m fond of Wheelock’s Latin but also run inductive reading groups for children with no prior Latin experience.

The Sorcerers’ Stone

My passion is poetry, and I’m currently translating a few hundred epigrams from the 17th-century poet Angelus Silesius. He takes the Sorcerers’ Stone in unexpected directions.

About Me.

I’m a teacher of logic, math, philosophy, Latin, and academic writing. I’m also an editor, a translator, and a poet.