Vox Poetry Contest


This poem received an honorable mention in the “Poets Under 18” category in the 2024 Vox Poetry Contest.


Knock Knock

by Andi Godwin

There I was a wooden fixture,
Little did I know I would be part of the bigger picture.

Though I was never born:
I was part of the great Reform.

He used a nail to pierce my shell,
And left a mark for all to tell.

A heretic he was proclaimed,
But in ninety-five reasons they could find no blame.

Like worms in the darkness, their piousness
Blinded them from the righteousness.

An outcast he was named,
The message of the truth would never be the same.

Who is this man who shined the light,
And stood for Christ with all his might?


About the Poet: My name is Andi Godwin, I live in Florida. I have been homeschooled my whole life and I am almost done with 8th grade. Some of my favorite things to do include playing pickleball, hanging out with friends, and playing with my six dogs.

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